I extend a very hearty welcome to you as a parent who has shown interest in MILLENNIUM WORLD SCHOOL The major driving force behind my taking up of this school project has been the mixed experiences of a variety of parents NEEDS AND IDEAS and this gave me an opportunity to closely examine the many features of local school and colleges What I observed was that most of the schools, unfortunately were still following a fixated and intended technique of instruction in learning, extracurricular activities and living. I strongly felt the need for a customization in our school system, reorienting it to a expanded variety and distinct method learning and education we help children tap into their hidden potential by exposing them to diverse opportunities. I have every hope and belief that MILLENNIUM WORLD SCHOOL is going to become a premier institution of its kind in REGION. Fulfilling the educational aspirations of the parents With scholarships and bursaries available to support almost half our students, we aim to reduce, as far as possible, any financial barriers to admission.

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Education to all and equal education, compliance of the Right to Free Education Act, work to raise the standard of living of teachers, coordination with the government to give equal pay for equal work, implementation of action plan to improve the standard of living of teachers Providing proper guidance to families who continue their children's education smoothly in poor and difficult circumstances, In order to make students characterful, energetic, cultured and knowledgeable, a creative environment has been prepared to develop the art of focusing on the purpose with enthusiasm, patience, dedication, humility, dedication in the student by taking the cooperation of parents through regular family education. To do is an important objective of the organization. Such an environment should be created in the whole country that even the meritorious student who gets the highest marks in competitive examinations should have respect for teaching work and show interest in teaching work. Apart from the above, want to make it clear that the efforts of the government to raise the standard of living of the teachers imparting education should be parallel. It is less, no responsibility is taken at the government level for the medical, defense security of their family and children, which are a matter of concern, efforts are being made by the manager of the institute for the past several years. By establishing coordination with the governments, the work of taking all the new policies to the common people is going on. Jan Jagrati Abhiyan through education is the basic objective of the organization.

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