Why MLS?

Our vision for Millennium schools does not lie in isolation but responds to the needs of the larger society and we fulfill it through our Millennium Learning System (MLS). We have not only sought to bring international best practices into the classroom but have also blended it harmoniously with the unique requirements of the learners of today, who need to excel in a competitive world and also simultaneously need a holistic envelope of relevant twenty first century life skills.

Further we have drawn upon our decade long experience in working with over 5000 schools and more than 300,000 teachers in India to know “What Works”. Millennium Learning System is a scientifically designed and researched learning system, conceptualized by research team, for grade IX schools. A school requires various components and tools to ensure that effective teaching learning does take place and MLS is thus broken into different components which are independent yet intricately linked to each other to form a whole. There is an interrelationship between the society, each of the intricate parts of the education system designed for the school and the children in it. The edifice on which learning does take place within a school can be broken down to the certain components as seen alongside. We can see that in order to be successful in its aims, each of these components have to be in place. Only then can the system effectively impart the skills and the twenty first century tools needed for capable workers in a globalised worldIt will also make the generation conscious of creating and living in a peaceful and a better world.