Millennium Learning System Level - 1

Class 1 to 5

The learners at this stage are stepping into primary education. These formative years are characterized by inquisitiveness and curiosity, eagerness to learn and keenness to see application of concepts to real life.
In designing the Millennium Learning System, it was our mission to bring about excellence in the field of education.

The MLS book series have been developed to ensure that a systemic change does take place within the classroom. The focus was to move away from rote learning to skill based learning. Concepts are developed and retained though guided play and real conversations with peers and adults.

While it is essential to give opportunities he learners to think critically, analyse and apply the concepts to their everyday life, it is equally important to draw out the inherent potential and talent of the learners.
These beginnings are critical to mapping their skill, aptitude and interests at higher levels.
The system also takes care that if the learners do not learn the way we teach, we need to change our strategy and teach they way they will learn.
Thus the Project based approach was adopted for Millennium Learning System, level I.

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