Little Millennium

Little Millennium

Pre Primary—Play Group, Nursery, KG

The need for Little Millennium curriculum:

The foundation for all learning in life is laid during the first few years in a child’s life. Thus this stage is critical and must be handled properly to avoid problems in the learning process later. However, all preschools believe they know how a preschooler should be taught. They all feel that they are experts when it comes to understanding what it takes to run them. Current scenario shows the following data.

  • Noneducationist run the majority of the Preschools in India today and no regulatory or monitoring authority overlooks them.
  • Preschools have a craze for the western label and there is a total lack of cultural context
  • A systematic/scientific approach is missing and there is also a lack of skilled teachers
  • The focus is mainly on reading and writing and the conventional attitude is prevalent
  • Rigidity in changing style of teaching

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